Hello, I'm Cristian a seasoned Digital Product Designer with a decade of experience in the tech industry

My experience ranges internationally across Germany, Italy, and the USA. I've designed products for global leading insurance, real estate, e-commerce, and SaaS companies.

UX Design Certified:

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Top three things I excel at

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Solving UX challenges through Design Sprints

My specialty lies in flawlessly executing Design Sprints, a skill honed through direct training under the guidance of the author himself, Jake Knapp.

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Design Systems, Tokens and architecture

I craft detailed, groundbreaking, and meticulously organized Design Systems, empowering products for single or multi-brand experiences.

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Leadership, mentoring and camaraderie

I propel teams to high performance levels by infusing them with my contagious enthusiasm, dynamic energy, and a genuine love for designing digital products.

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Design thinking advocate with a genuine customer-centric perspective

The cornerstone of tackling any UX challenge is rooted in empathizing with the customer. As a seasoned designer, I prioritize being vigilant about my biases and assumptions, recognizing their potential to obstruct a true understanding of customer needs. Therefore my UX process begins with an in-depth knowledge of the customer, allowing for defined, ideated, and tested solutions that genuinely cater to their preferences and expectations.

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What people I worked with have to say

"I've been working with Cristian Todorovic for almost 2 years in Ziegert Group, where he played one of the key roles as Senior UX/UI Designer.

"Whenever Cris would be around the table I knew he would elevate the bar on what we were building. I.e.: challenging our approach, catching the limit of our systems, or polishing a detail. Every time his opinions were very much on points, and would make UX better for users. Cris guides stakeholders trough UX decision with assertiveness and ownership balancing urgency of business needs with being very user-centric, always ensuring that the end product remains true to core UX principles.In addition to his core competencies, Cris drives team spirit that fosters camaraderie among team members. This not only elevates the mood but also amplifies productivity and innovation. I feel confident that he would be an invaluable asset to any team."

Constantin Paladi - Head of Product @ Ziegert Group

"It's very seldom that you meet a designer that can quickly understand and realise designs from broad reaching concepts and candid discussions."

"Cristian's work exceeds the norm for UI designers. Meticulously accurate, modern and creative, he embodies the very best in what one looks for when creating high performing, production level websites and interfaces. With a keen eye on UX, along with strong capabilities with rapid prototyping tools, he really is the full package. Most importantly, Cristian is not only a great designer, but an exceptional team member. He is a natural, aspiring leader that is caring in nurturing younger team members, and understands that constraints and limitations of working in a high paced environment. In addition, Cristian also manages to understand the concept of holistic design and branding, keeping styleguides and brand consistency in check across the board. I look forward to working again with Cristian in the future!"

Nicholas Mccreath - Co-Founder/CPO @ Groove

"I had the pleasure of working with Cris at Ziegert, where we collaborated closely to bring a seamless user experience contextualised within the business needs."

"I was impressed how Cris could tackle multiple design projects across multiple teams, he was always able to joggle in between initiatives with ease. The user was always the star of any proposals Cris made and together we always sought to validate our assumptions with data and user behaviour trends. I wholeheartedly recommend Cris , he would definitely be an assest on any team."

Monica Branzan - Product Manager @ Taxdoo

"Cris is one of the most passionate, talented and energetic designers I've had the pleasure to work with."

"When he joined our team, there was pressure to establish a better way of promoting our partners’ deals. At the same time, he was tasked with delivering a better UX for our customers. Thanks to his skills, knowledge of design principles, and user empathy, he not only delivered designs from lo-fi to hi-fi, including ready-to-test prototypes, but also crucially enhanced our company's understanding of our users’ needs. Cris is always happy to step outside of his comfort zone and to learn something new - which is what he did when he organized a Design Brand Sprint with the entire management to create a shared vision and mission. I highly recommend Cris to any team that is serious about building great digital products, through next-level UX."

Lorenzo De Nobili - Engineering @ Passionfroot

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