A chronicle of a UX designer's path from university to global impact

Learn about my journey as a UX design professional shaping impactful solutions for international tech industry leaders.

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Education and certificates

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Adobe Web Design Certified
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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Graphic Design
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Google UX Design Certified
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HFI Certified Usability Analyst
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Designing tomorrow: a journey in pixels and products

My design journey started in high school when I earned my Adobe Webdesign certificate, igniting my love for pixels. This passion led me to study Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, where I immersed myself in principles like gestalt, color theory, and typography. During an internship at Koinema, a web design studio, I gained my first agency experience. Armed with a bachelor's degree and studio work, I recognized the need to expand my skills into digital product design.

Relocating to Berlin, the EU's largest startup hub, I delved into the dynamic world of tech companies. Despite excelling in interface design, my knowledge of UX was limited, prompting a rapid immersion in Design Thinking framework, the Scrum process, and the Agile methodologies. Over the next eight years, I designed products for global leaders in insurance, real estate, e-commerce, and SaaS.

With each experience, my passion for building exceptional products grew, and today, after traversing numerous companies, my love for design and continuous learning remains stronger than ever. Crafting meaningful products that help people is not just my career; it's my true calling.

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Design thinking and navigating UX challenges through "Know thy customers" rule

As a Design Thinking advocate, I prioritize the customer, addressing real problems through a blend of qualitative and quantitative user research. Utilizing tools like user journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes, I expedite idea testing and validation. For the toughest challenges, I tend to run Design Sprints, where the team and I are able to prototype and test new ideas in only five days.

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"Never build twice” attitude and the art of Design Systems

I specialize in crafting complex design systems for both single and multi-brand products, prioritizing accessibility. What defines a great design system, in my view, is its impact across the entire organization, benefiting not just designers and developers but enhancing efficiency and cohesion across all teams. A great design system enables me to build inclusive products that deliver real value to customers by ensuring seamless and meaningful interactions.

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Elevating teams & individuals toward next level performance

My commitment to mentorship is unwavering and stands alongside my primary responsibilities within an organization. I energise teams through my enthusiasm for crafting outstanding digital products. Through effective communication, I am enable to articulate the vision and rationale behind design decisions to stakeholders with clarity and impact. Beyond the professional realm, my sporty nature extends to regular after-work bouldering sessions, fostering camaraderie and well-being among teammates.

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Beside work? Climbing, climbing and some more climbing!

Although it has been seventeen years since I completed the Alpinist course, I still find climbing to be the sport and lifestyle I enjoy the most. Previously, I used to spend my weekends in the mountains, climbing and experiencing the alpine lifestyle.

However, since I moved to Berlin, my lifestyle changed, and I started indulging in urban climbing, which takes place inside bouldering gyms. Fortunately, Berlin has many such gyms. Nevertheless, once or twice a year, I arrange a proper climbing trip to the mountains to satisfy my craving for a genuine adventure.

Sharing a good climbing session with my friends, whether indoors or outdoors, gives me immense joy. Climbing and mountains have taught me a lot, and I wouldn't be the person I am today without them.

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