Cristian Todorovic

Berlin based, Digital Product Designer with 6+ years of experience. Focused on UI/UX and specialized in Google Sprints and Design Systems.

Cristian Todorovic

The journey of digital craftsmanship

Born and raised in Croatia, at the age of 22 decides to study graphic design in Bologna, Italy. After successful graduation in 2014 he takes an opportunity to work for a famous web agency KOINEMA where he gets his first real working experience inside the design industry.

In 2016 he moves to Berlin, the EU equivalent of Silicon Valley and joins the Startup scene. In the past five years beyond the focus of further developing his craft in the field of UI/UX, Cristian became an expert in creating Design Systems and running Google Sprints. He worked for companies such as LocaFox, DailyDeal, FRIDAY and Groove where he learned to operate with crossfunctional teams in-house and remote.

Today Cristian is always on the lookout for the next exciting thing. Beyond his love of creating great customer centered digital products he is interested in futher developing his leadership skills and expand his knowledge in the realm of starting businesses and running companies.
Cristian Todorovic | Digital Product Designer

Berlin based | Age 33 | 6+ Years of experience
Master in: UI/UX | Web Design | Design Systems | Branding | UI Animation | Design Sprints

"Great designers just like F1 drivers are who they are because they crossed the limit many times before learning when to break. A slow driver can't learn to go fast same as a designer can't achive greatness without taking risks."